Friday, November 30, 2007

Otis, as promised..... what a cutie he is!

Here is the picture that somehow wouldn't download from the cardreader yesterday... I think it's done..

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I know I've said in the past that some of these students are the sweetest kids ever, BUT this child is absolutely adorable, kind, gentle, and sweet beyond measure...... He's really darling, and I saw why, during conference night, when I met his mom. Well, she was just as darling as he was, and I could see the influence. Being raised by such a wonderful mother, he turned out just like her.... I wish you well, Otis, you will be a success at anything you try your hand at!

I can't get my card reader to recognize my camera card.... I'll try again later, gotta go see my grandbaby.

Monday, November 26, 2007

newer Lacey

Lacey is starting to come alive, now. I read in a book by Chris Saper, a wonderful portrait artist, that at a certain point in the painting, you should put some of the very darks of the hair in, in order to get a perspective of how your lights and darks are contrasting. When I put very dark reddish auburn into Lacey's hair, her eyes really started to come out....

Lacey has a cute hairstyle, and changes it often. Here she has pigtails.... She works at the hair salon in Webster, and has cut my hair the last couple of months. She's really good !!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

getting back to work!

I haven't had much time lately, but I have spent a little time working on all three of these. I like to have a few going, and at different stages, that way I can skip back and forth, and give them a bit of time to dry in between..... fun !

Mostly, it's about FOOTBALL- lately.

Friday- Mehlville played at the Dome for the State Championship (they lost, boo hoo)

Saturday- Missouri vs. Kansas, of course, we made a big deal of watching the game on the new tv with my sis, Rog, and Jeff and Arica

Sunday- Rams vs. Seattle- COOOLLLLDDDD tailgate, and frozen toes, walking to the game- the Rams did not play much better than earlier in the year, and LOST again...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving trials and tribulations

Would you BELIEVE?? all that Thanksgiving Stuff, and NO PICTURES !!

We have been rather busy these last few days, what with shopping, cooking, etc. But also, on Wed. at 5:00 they delivered my new STOVE-, so we had to pull the old one out- which meant we had to cut the cabinets, as well, and clean the living daylights out of the old greasy mess behind, and under it !!

For the first time in 7 years, I was completely aware of the temperature of my OVEN !

That part of my old oven has been on the fritz for quite awhile, causing me to have to rely on a separate thermometer to tell me the oven temp. ! NOT FUN !

Well, anywho, I got most of the dishes prepared ahead of time, and got the electric turkey cooker out from the basement, to cook the 21 pounder in, and had the house pretty well cleaned and polished ! By the time the kids, and siblings began to arrive, the babies took precidence, and it's kinda chaotic from that point on, SO you better have it all pretty well organized at that point, or FORGET IT ! Everything went smoothly, until it was time for the GRAVY, which is pretty much the most important part of the meal to my husband, Buster, and I'm not sure how this happened, but I didn't have enough flour !! Imagine that, with all the stuff going on, I didn't even think to check for something as simple as that..... I scoured every corner of the pantry, looking for a little rolled up bag with 1/2 cup or so, but NONE was to be found... My next thought was running to the neighbor, but no, that would take too long. My sister suggested cornstarch and water mixture, but that really wasn't going to work, since I was making a rue.

One little word of warning, DON'T EVER SPRINKLE CORNSTARCH INTO A RUE, OR YOU'LL HAVE A DISASTER ! It started looking very weird, and clumping up, I paniced !, and ran for the strainer, to get out the offending ingredient..... the first one I grabbed was plastic, and melted, with the center completely disappearing, as soon as the hot liquid hit it. The second one was metal, and I fared much better, scooping, and separating the hard little critters from what I could salvage from the pan......Anyway, I rescued most of it, and added my drippings, and came up with what would pass as a pretty decent gravy............ hooray!

Long story, Short, I NEVER EVEN GOT THE CAMERA OFF OF MY DRESSER ! Shame, shame, OH WELL, There's always Next YEAR !!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

pizza and art- what a winning combination!

Last Thursday, and Friday evenings I took part in a little art opening down in the Soulard Area. (It's literally around the corner from my son's new apartment) The "fam" met at Joanies for pizza first (all but little Gracie, and Tracey, of course) and then we walked up to the CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY ------- Beautiful evening about 70 degrees !

Monday, November 19, 2007

3 new portrait-starts

When I have my time at Gracie's house, and she is sleeping, I get to catch up on my portraits a bit, and I usually get some drawings started. Here are a few new ones, of Otis, Amanda, and Lacey- all darling, and special kids from my art classes.....

Friday, November 16, 2007

I've been putting this off, but decided to try tackling it starting today.... Maybe it will be finished, and ready to use on Thanksgiving, if it is warm enough for everyone to be OUTSIDE.

Every other year that I've painted my patio set, I've always sprayed it, with Rustoleum... My sis had great success with her brush, and roller method she said, So I decided to give it a go !

I didn't have the enery to scrape the entire 2 sets, so I just started with the roller,,,, My -my - my..... It sometimes seemed as though my roller took off as much paint as it put on !! Anywho, I have one set almost completed, and then I cleaned up for the day (3 1/2 hrs. invested)- hopefully tomorrow will be warm enough to get some more accomplished.....



I found these wonderful candlesticks at Goodwill-

Originally I was going to list them on 'craigslist', but decided they are too pretty to get rid of......

Aren't they cool ???

They cleaned up with some Brass cleaner and a little "elbow grease"-another reason I love to look as often as possible at my local- Goodwill store !

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sweet Gracie

Gracie makes everyday fun... No matter what is going on to make you feel bad, all you have to do is be around Grace for a little while, and EVERYTHING IS ALL BETTER...

We had fun today, and took a walk- a bit crisp, but the sun was shining and the day was clear. Gracie is just a joy to "have a date with"- (I prefer to say that, instead of saying "babysitting")

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


My Thoughtful, Wonderful, Creative, Best Friend of a SISTER, threw me a birthday party Friday night.... It was so much fun, she baked up about 8 or 10 types of breads, and spent literally all day preparing soups and chili for the bunch of us !!

All the family was there, (except Tracey and Jeff and Arica ) and ALL THE BABIES-- make it SOOOOOOO much fun !!

It almost makes getting older Not So Bad- hee hee

Chris, my nephew was celebrating, too, - even though his adorable wife was sick with the flu that night (we missed you, Sheila) He's only turning 37 though ( I'm a bit older than that, you see) Also, Chris started a new job this week, and we ALL WISH HIM WELL !

We love you, Chrissy (WES )

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kris' day !

My buddy Kris and I had so much fun today. She wanted to learn to knit, so that was first on the agenda. She did so well that I proceeded to show her the method of "casting on" stitches, and also finishing off. (She's a quick study, tee hee )

Then, after knitting, and visiting (which we are both very good at ) and a little refreshment, we tackled the next little project, which was a small folding book, that I used to make with my students. It's very quick, and ends with a small book-like container of 6 pockets which can be stuffed with little messages, paintings, and thoughtful reminders, etc. We plan to each finish our little creations, and then bring them to our next get together, and share what we have made...... Just wait til you get to retire, it's so fun !

Monday, November 12, 2007

Megan - finished????

I think this looks like Megan. hope she likes it.... She's a very strikingly pretty girl, and very, very, nice, too- GREAT COMBINATION !

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Megan- coming along

Making a little progress on Megan's portrait.... Haven't had a great deal of time to paint lately, so I need to work when I can !!!!... fun, fun, fun, !!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lots on my plate-

Much as been going on in the past couple of days...... On Friday, my friend Suzanne and I went to a cute little place for lunch, called Minions Cafe. It's located at 7322 Manchester Rd. in Maplewood, and is a charming little restaurant in the old "Red Lead" store. Minions serves the best home cooked meals and desserts... It's cuisine is Deli/sandwiches.

. It is small, cozy, and intimate, with the waitresses taking time to talk awhile as they take your order. Most of the people who came and went while we sat and ate our meal seemed as though they were "regulars"...
The selections are a bit unusual, and are very tasty, plus they offer entertainment several nights a week. They have been open for 4 years, and I hope they will continue for many years to come ! For a special little treat, open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, give MINIONS CAFE a try.......

Friday, November 09, 2007


Here is the start for Megan- a darling girl who is as sweet as she is pretty......

Sarah- finished

Sarah and her older sister, Crystal, both love art. I had both in class, and Sarah had INDEPENDENT STUDY with me her senior year.. This allows self-motivated students the opportunity to direct their own studies. They are free to try different media, and are given help and instruction, materials, and a place to work.... They can explore areas that they have not done before, and must be self starters, therefore it requires a very mature student to be eligible to take this course.... Sarah is very motivated and focused in her approach to her artwork. She is very good at drawing, and loves to try to challenge herself in new and different ways.....

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hey, Austin!

After seeing a former student of mine today, I realized he did NOT have my email, and he had said he wanted to send me a picture, SOOOOOOOOO, If you happen to look at this blog, here is my email:

It was good seeing you today, you haven't changed a bit, still the same sweet, caring guy you always were--back in the day !

Lauren- finished

Here is the completed portrait of Lauren..... She was in my Academic Networking Period for 3 years, and was going into to study Medicine in college... An excellent student, with nearly perfect grades through high school, she also played in the band. Unfortunately I never had her in an art class, she didn't take Art Foundations until her senior year, but she did show interest in the projects my students were doing, and asked if I'd help her do an "altered book", which she did over the summer, and brought it in---it was GREAT !!

I hope you are having a wonderful time, and great success in College, Lauren !!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Lacey-pic, and Sarah's painting-started...

Yesterday I took some pictures of my former student, Lacey, for a future portrait....She is a darling girl who graduated about 5 years ago. She has her hair cutting license, and also CUTS my hair- she's great !!

Here's the start for "Sarah", I started it in the middle of the night,( around 2:00 a.m.)

It was done in the underpainting, terre verde green, and when I got up -again-I started with the color, adding the hair color, which is a rich sienna brown...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Jim Moved To Soulard !

Jim's roomate of 7 years, Tommy, is getting married, and moving out. Jim was looking for a new place to rent. He decided to be "where the action is", by McGurks, and all the fun place around the Soulard Area.. It is within walking distance to lots of restaurants, bars, and night spots, in an area of old red brick homes and storefronts that have been updated, or converted into cool apartments for the "younger crowd" mostly.....

One of the greatest parts is, HIS SISTER, Tracey, is moving back from California, for awhile anyway, and is going to share the place with him..... YEAH!!!!!!!

Saturday the U-Haul was rented, and Tommy, Jim, and his friend Chris, moved the bigger stuff to the new place. (Most of the smaller stuff, and clothes, he had moved the previous week)

I helped him arrange stuff, wipe out cabinets, and generally get it in "ship-shape". It was fun making it into a new home for the two of them... Food in the pantry and refrigerator and everything ! Now it's becoming like "home" FUN, FUN, FUN.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


(click on any picture to enlarge---)

I love to Recycle !

Our local community has a "state of the art" Recycling Center, with facilities to accomodate almost any kind of recycling. Paper, Plastic, Cardboard, Glass, Aluminum, and Steel Cans, Newspaper, Magazines, and Junk Mail. I keep separate containers in my garage for each of these, and wash everything out, so I'm not bothered by little creatures, either crawling or flying... Our bins fill up in about a week or so, when I bag up everything in separate grocery sacks, and load my car up, to head toward the center of Kirkwood, where I always find LOTS of people doing the same thing. Our local WHOLE FOODS will take the recyclable materials that can't go to Kirkwood. Styrofoam trays from the meat department, that have a recycling symbol on the back can be taken there !!!!

Good for saving Natural Resources

Good for the Environment (less trash in landfills)

Good for my trash (it cuts my trash down to about one small

bag or two a week )

Good for my peace of mind (it makes me feel as though I'm doing

something positive )

Good for my relationship with my daughter (she's hounded me

forever to do this ! )

Good for keeping me organized in my garage... HA !