Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eddie (Skagetti)

Here is our wonderful, sweet, funny, entertaining, mail carrier, Eddie Tappen. He, for so many years kept the neighborhoods around Kirkwood, Glendale and Warson Woods alive with his presence. Never would a day go by without the laugh, and joke of Ed the Mailman !!! Sometimes we would kid him about talking so much to people that his route would take him extra long to deliver the mail.... He forever would tease my husband about his golfing, and then he would say to me,"I guess he's out "working"today, right?" and then laugh... The joke between the two of them would ALWAYS end up with the phrase, "Hey, man, I've Got Your Back!!!"
Well, Eddie was supposed to retire last June, but due to circumstances he was not able to, anyhoo, I had taken a photo of him for a portrait, and then decided to give it to him when He Actually DID retire... well, long story short, I presented it to him for a Christmas present in 2008 ! In early February Eddie had some heart trouble, and will have to have a bypass operation. We Miss him terribly, and his smiling face !! Such a wonderful person! We all hope to see you again, soon, and wish you all the best!! You ARE the best !!
Here's Eddie with his portrait, and the painting in the process....(Eddie Skagetti is our nickname for him)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Booth 10C and 13C at the Antique Mall !!

My sissy, Linda, and I have a double booth at the Great Midwest Antique Mall in Eureka ( on the outer road next to 6 Flags ) We spend lots of time searching the sales and thrift stores for goodies that we think might sell for a bit of profit.. We usually paint, fix, glue or clean some items, and others just need a bit of TLC. It's hard to keep the booth looking great, since we don't work there all the time, but Friday we spent the day painting the walls. Roger, Lin's hubby, was nice enough to build us a shelf which goes around the booth at the top, and gives us so much more display space-- thanks, Rogie....
Anywho... we were there all day Friday, moving, painting, and rearranging our "merchandise" which spruced everything up a lot !! Then we added a few new lights, and a rug, to complete the "homey" feel... We were proud of our results, take a look !!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Catchin' UP

Lots of happenings. A trip to Savannah, and side trips as well... A night out with the fabulous voice and visuals of the magnificent Celine Dion ! What a voice ! Other than that, just getting used to having my daughter gone again... She's found her way back to SF and sounds like she is getting settled just fine! She was even able to snag a great apartment in the same building where she resided 3 years ago ! She has many wonderful friends in San Francisco, and that gives her much joy ! Still Miss YOu, Buff !