Sunday, January 11, 2009

I miss you !

My daughter has spent a year in St. Louis. (she hails from San Francisco, where, it seems she's "left her heart") She has lived with her brother, down in the Soulard area, and spent the last month or so with her ole Mum and Dad.... (I talked her into staying for the holidays, at least)
Anyhoo, she's had a bit of time getting to know her niece, Gracie, and then the little one, Kate, and has spent some quality time with both, I can assure you. (I love to watch her with the little ones) During that time she has worked as a free-lance photographer, photographing weddings for several companies, as well as for herself, and working on projects of that sort.... She has gotten her website up and running, and up to date, as well.
It has been such a fun time for me, and now I've put her in the minivan cab to take her, her bicycle in a big box, and her backpacks, to the airport to send her back to her new adventures in the Sunny state of California, once more..... While making my homemade cauliflower soup, with Vermont Cheddar cheese, last night, I missed her S O ! It was so fun to have someone to cook with, laugh at stupid stuff with, try new things with, learn stuff with, and most of all S H A R E with..... I Miss You, Buffer !!!- but I realize you must follow your dreams, and pursue the life and adventure that is such a part of you ! I love you so, and wouldn't have it any other way, but I can't help feeling a little pang of loneliness when I look at your computer and the empty chair where you spent so many hours.... Mom