Friday, July 25, 2008

Old friends are best !

New friends, Old friends, you remember the old girl scout song, don't you ? Old Friends are very comfortable, they make you feel at home in their presence. Tim and Pat are friends from our old neighborhood. We used to socialize almost every weekend with several of the couples there ! It's been 8 years since we've moved, but we manage to see these good friends from time to time, and catch up.... We also tailgate with them and some others when Rams Football season starts ups again (which won't be long) We started in their newly decorated livingroom, and ended up at Ted Drewes, with a wonderful meal at LaRussos in between..... What Fun !

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Saturday Morning Adventures

Saturday, my dear friend, Jennifer, and I decided to do some garage saleing. She has been a fan forever, and I needed to find more goodies to sell at the booth at the Antique Mall. Anywho, she picked me up at 7:15 and we took off ! I found lots of stuff, great bargains, and had a great time...
We finished up with a light lunch at Einsteins and then I went by to see her new kitchen at her house. I had to visit with the 8 cats, and husband Peter, too.
It was so fun getting to spend time with Jennifer. We used to teach together in the same room at school, and I miss seeing her and getting her sage advice. When she dropped me off I got to pick her brain about an oil painting technique called "glazing" which I'm now going to try on the latest portrait that I'm doing. Jennifer is a fabulous artist, in all mediums, and is now doing a lot of designing of rugs, and rug hooking.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My husband and I attended a wonderful wedding on Saturday. The bride was the daughter of friends of ours, Dave and Diana Bussen. Brooke attended the Univ. of North Carolina, and had attendants in the wedding from all over the globe. The wedding was at the beautiful Graham Chapel at Washington University, and the reception was spectacular, at the Missouri Athletic Club. Everything was so lovely, but as is often the case, after about 5 or 6 pictures, my camera showed me the sign, "change the batteries" -- seems like it always happens... I do have a few of us at our table, with the beautiful white towering florals... The live music was incredible ! , a 7 piece band with talented vocalist, who did a great job ! The food was fabulous, too !

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tuesday instead of Wednesday

Here are a few pictures of our outing yesterday to the Central West End for lunch, and to the St. Louis Science Center to the Omnimax theatre (finally) (I've been meaning to go to that for years!).. The show was about a mountain climber whose father died 40 years ago climbing the north face of the Eiger, a treacherous vertical top peak of the Alps. The son has been haunted with that memory, and challenges himself to conquer the snow packed mountain ! The screen of the Omnimax takes up the entire top of the inside of this amazing dome ! It's spectacular! You can imagine the photography of the snowy mountain range taken by helicopters, WOW !
We left there for a little lunch at the CWE and sat outside in the shade of an umbrella at Luluma..(236 N. Euclid)
We had a fine time, and finished with a cupcake at the cupcakery down the street, after checking out the cute little mystery book store tucked in on Euclid.... (The salad with roasted chicken was delightful !)
It would be so fun to live in one of those wonderful old 2 or 3 story homes down in that part of the city !! They are all so beautifully maintained and unique !

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The orangatans were so much fun to watch... that was last week, and the giraffe, the mother, had a two week old baby who was born at six foot one ! Adorable ! The ostrich was in the same pen and protected the baby, too...

Wednesdays with my daughter !

My daughter and I have set aside the middle of the week to spend a whole day together, talking, exploring sites in the area, and sharing both a light breakfast, with our much loved coffee, and finally a bit of lunch !!
The last several Wednesdays have found us at the St. Louis Zoo, and the Shaw's Botanical Gardens, as well as today's visit to the unique St. Louis attraction, the CITY MUSEUM...
Every year my high school students were given the assignment to attend a museum or galleries, etc, and do 3-part project which included a visual, written, plus an oral presentation to the class, sharing their experience in the artworld outside the classroom. Many reports were done about the City Museum, but I, myself, hadn't actually been there for a good 7 or 8 years.... The place is AMAZING !! They have done Wonderful things, and the displays are INCREDIBLE ! The Museum is the brainchild of Bob Cassilly, a local artist and sculptor, with VISION and CREATIVITY beyond what most of us can imagine.
If it's been awhile since you have been there, or maybe you've never been there, PLEASE consider going... AND CERTAINLY take the kids (or grandkids) You'd LOVE it, and so would they !
Here are a few choice pics from the last few Wednesdays.....