Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Adding some dark values

I'm having a bit of trouble this evening getting my picture to post, but I'll keep trying......

I worked for awhile and put some darks into the face and background, using the same three colors.. The glazes are producing a transparent feel, and using the same three colors in different proportions seems to give unity to the composition, since all the colors have these three in common. More to do, but thought I'd post to give you a look at the work in progress......

Monday, September 25, 2006

Portrait of young boy

Here's the start of portrait # 2. Again, I've used the glazes, starting with an underpainting made from burgundy and yellow glaze, and a hint of thalo blue acrylic in the shaded areas. With the shapes laid in, the next painting session will be the refinement of the tones, colors, and values. These canvases (sp?) are very "used friendly", measuring only 12x12 , and are the extra deep thickness. The ethnic costume on this subject very much appeals to me.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Painting with Glazes

I've decided to try a series of portraits in acrylic. This one is actually done with a layering of glaze colors. I purchased some glazes quite awhile ago and wanted to try them. I started with an underpainting of warm tones, and then began to build on top of them with darker variations of browns and added blues to the darker sections. They no longer make the glazes I used, but I did find Ceramcoat BASE GLAZE which can be added to any acrylic paint to give the same effect. I found this at Michaels.....

Friday, September 15, 2006

Buff left for San Francisco

Tracey left for California, and Sunday she takes off for her adventure on the other side of the globe. We had a tremendous visit, spent as much time cramming in all the fun we could.........

Saturday, September 09, 2006

St. Louis Visit

Tracey and I had fun Thursday starting by riding the new Metrolink to Forest Park and walking to the Art Museum after a nice coffee at the coffeeshop on Skinker. We had the Museum to ourselves, talking with the guards, and taking all sorts of pictures. We stopped on the way home and got salmon for dinner, Tracey's friend Kristy joined us, and they had a nice visit.

Friday we just played and piddled, but the evening was reserved for the Clayton Art Show, voted the BEST in the Country...... A WEEKEND of great times, and great art!! It doesn't get much better than that!!- Tracey, Ted, Diane, Jim, Lin, Rog, Bus and I, plus Doug and Tina, and Sharon Knox, had fun eating, listening to the music, and viewing all the cool creations at the Art Show- SUCH CREATIVITY !-wow-FAMILY TIMES-