Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hooray !

The finished product! Except for a few finishing touches, it's totally done !

Day Three

Sub-floor, and then tile, then came the Sink and vanity, and finally the toilet. hooray!
I wasn't sure how well this would look, but we are both thoroughly pleased at our work, and we did it TOGETHER, with NO MISHAPS, can you believe it?

Day Two

Wallpapering was never fun, even back in the day, but I like the way the appearance of a room changes so dramatically in such a short time

Friday, June 23, 2006

Have you ever Redone an old bathroom?

Its a bigger job than I at first imagined. Just figuring the correct order in which to proceed is a challenge. Well, we are into the project now, no turning back, wish me well

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Luncheon with friends

Yesterday was time-out for laughing, acting totally crazy, singing in the car, visiting and catching up, eating, swimming, and boating at Judy's new lake home in Illinois..
It was beautiful, with a peaceful setting serene enough to quiet the most nerve-racking day of teaching......... Our guest treated us to a spectacular luncheon, complete with home made treats of all kinds. (I'm so used to store-bought delicacies) so nice when someone thinks you're special enough to go to all that trouble on your behalf.....WE HAD A GRAND TIME.. thanks Judy!
Sitting on the deck overlooking the water, so restful..

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

artists folding books

Here are some folding books my students made, about an artist, including collage, paint, text, images, and embellishments, after researching their artist. They were fun

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It was fun today, getting to try the "Inspire Me Thursday" challenge, even though it was Tuesday. I went to my sis's house, and we shared the treasures we found at a wonderful estate sale Sunday, and then proceeded to create a finished piece, in a relatively short period of time.... it was fun. I remember trying that approach years ago, when I used to over-work my watercolors, and they would become muddy. I put a time restriction on them and they "freshened -up" a bit.
I created this environmental piece using antique bits and pieces, and this and that. The photo gives it unity, I think.
Let me say a big "thank you" to both of you girls for setting up these challenges. This is what I feel we do as art teachers, and sometimes we need someone to put an "assignment" in front of us for focus, and motivation..... This is positively a fantastic inspiration, thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

Since the post didn't apply to my quilt picture, heres a little explanation:
Been doing quilts for a long time, but recently I've really gotten into it again. Mainly I've done baby quilts, but I also have some larger ones, mainly to give to my three children as keepsakes..... This one started out as a baby quilt, but I loved the color combination so much I decided to make a queen size to pass along to my daughter, who loves all shades of green. So, here you go, Buffy, when you get back from your amazing trip to the East you can redo your next bedroom to work with this color scheme.. ha ha
Heres a few more quilts from the last 6 months.

Gotta get back in the swing of things... When summer comes, as a teacher you might know, your mind goes in so many directions that its hard to focus. So many things you want to do, that you end up going in circles, starting and stopping, and not finishing things, just going 90 miles an hour with all that FREEDOM.....
I've started a garden project, worked on cleaning various closets and areas of the house, we began tearing out a bathroom and starting from scratch, catching up with doctors appointments, having lunch outings with friends, and began an exercise program at the gym! (new stuff for me, for sure!) Also, theres all that time to find and visit all the local estate and garage sales and search through the goodies.... yumm... funn.....
I've still done some creating too, but, get stuck sitting at this computer, and it's so much fun surfing, that I can spend hours here without being aware of it.
Now, enough for the excuses! I have to PRIORITIZE !! It's always been my biggest flaw. I can't decide among all the fun things I want to do.