Saturday, March 31, 2007

Posting Problems--

Having a Heck of a time !X@##!
This is my Altered Book/ A Geometry Book I've Been Altering for awhile now
What better use can we have for a math book ??- Math majors, Just Kiddin' !!
ha ha ha ha
Here are a few of the pages
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I haven't been blogging, honestly, no lame-o excuses., BUT, My camera somehow "walked away" from my room at school, and I bought a new one. Long story short, (ha!) I haven't been able to post pictures since then- bummer ! The new camera is great, but, the docking station is supposed to let me download from the camera to the computer, and IT WON'T Let Me. !!
My daughter spent at least an hour and a half trying to talk to the tecky guy at Kodak, but still couldn't make it go. Unfortunately, the model was a close-out, and was reduced 80.00, so it was probably the last one they had- don't ya know..... Ah, TECHNOLOGY !
Here are a few of my pages from my altered book, Which is a "Work In Progress" done in an ancient Geometry book from the 20's----GeOMEtrY was the only math I was any good at, because it was more visual-with triangles, angles, and stuff I could make sense of, because I could actually "Look" at it !!! Heaven help us Right Brainers !!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Grace, Grace, Amazing Grace !

It took awhile, but Finally I had my camera, and got pictures of my darling new grandbaby,


(Her middle name is Ann)

She is so precious, and her mommy and daddy are so thrilled to be new parents. ! She didn't open her eyes for us today, but somedays she actually seems as though her eyes follow the different voices around her. Her dad turned 31 yesterday, so this was one SPECTACULAR week, and her grandparents had their 40th anniversary on St. Patricks Day, too.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What a Day !

Hi all ! If you are not able to post a comment, please sign it anonymous, and it will work. For some reason the site is not recognizing the passwords, and it is not allowing comments to be posted..... If you sign with anonymous, you can put your name within the text of the message....

Grace Haynes

We have a grandbaby, and I left my camera at school, and we are off for Spring Break !!

Grace was born yesterday, March 13th, on her great aunt's birthday !! She is beautiful and Mom and Dad looked exhausted, but are doing well too. We are babysitting for their sweet Golden Retriever, Mojo, and that is fun for us. She is so well behaved and such a great companion.
Pictures of Baby Grace will be coming soon !!!
Being a Grandma and Grandpa is SO SPECIAL- I can hardly wait !!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More Conference Artwork

Here are some more examples of the entries from the teacher competition portion of the Conference in Springfield.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Springfield Mo.- MAEA conference

We sure had fun and learned a lot at the Convention. Between the workshops and art we had time for a Gallery tour of the city... It's a joy to get to work with such cool friends every day !!