Friday, May 22, 2009

Group pics @ Bella Vista

Fun time in Bella Vista

We had a fun time in Arkansas, with our old friend, Judi, and her new hubby Paul... We were privileged to meet new friends, Ellen and Gene, from North Carolina, and Bobbie and Mike, from California. We all had a week of golf, great food, great conversation, and a super get-together...
Thanks Judi and Paul, for including us--- we had a ball !

Ellen is very involved with a great organization called "Project Linus", which collects hand made blankets of all sorts (knitted, crocheted, quilted, etc.) to distribute to those in need... They do a great service, by giving a needy person a gift that shows that someone truly cares for them...
Ellen shared some very touching stories of the people she has met along her journey. We can all be inspired by her dedication and commitment.....

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bye Bye Guys !!

Graduation stimulated me to give out some portraits as graduation gifts... I will miss looking at the faces on my studio walls... They have become part of my environment, but the paintings have served their purpose, and "schooled " me in the art of the portrait, so they must be on their way !!!
All the recipients were delighted with their gift, and the best gift to me was the fact I learned that three, YES, actually 3 !!! of my former students, who I painted, WILL GO TO COLLEGE TO BECOME ART TEACHERS !!! WOW ! It made my day, and year !!

Yeah, Mehlville High--- I loved being part of the lives of the students and faculty there ~~

Friday, May 08, 2009

Spring Cleaning ?

Me and my sis worked for almost 6 hours on our booth at the Antique Mall. We rearranged, straightened, cleaned out loads of stuff, and generally spruced the place up !! Lin rearranged the upper shelf to create a theme, using vintage aluminum on most and childrens things , too. It looks great, I think. Somehow, moving things around seems to stimulate sales.... Hope it works !

Friday, May 01, 2009

On September 30, 2008, the unthinkable happened at Mehlville Senior High School. A darling, smart, sweet, and beautiful girl, named Ashley Marsters collapsed an died from a severe heart condition. She was sitting in her art class, in room 345, with fellow students, and her teacher, Kristen Kleyer. Ashley had previously been diagnosed with a heart condition, but her parents were told that she could not be operated on for it until she reached 18 years old.
Of course, the family, students, and faculty were in shock, with counselors trying to help grieving fellow classmates. The students and teachers decided to commission a portrait of Ashley and raised the money by collecting donations. I was asked to paint the portrait. I knew that it would be difficult, since I had never met Ashley, to obtain the type of "likeness" that would be required for this very special painting. Several photographs were sent to me, only one of which was suitable, but it contained two other people. I worked for quite awhile on the painting, and had to combine several images to finalize the hair, since much was covered in the photo I was using...
After finishing it, I had it framed in a frame which I thought would be a nice compliment to the portrait. I thought the piece should be presented to the parents- Ready to Hang...
It was a very solemn occasion, but a rewarding one. Meeting her parents and older brother, David, was a privilege.
I was most satisfied with the comments from her father, brother and mom who said it looked exactly like her. It was my foremost goal.
I felt good being a part of this, and watching the outpouring of love from the students, teachers and administration for this family. It also gave her family an opportunity to tell some stories and memories of their beautiful daughter to the people who had gathered at Mehlville High School to honor her.