Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mini Loaves today !

I woke up early ( about 3:45) this morning, and decided to start baking... ( A habit I got into years ago when I had trouble getting back to sleep)  So, this morning I decided to do the mini loaves and try a few new types of quick breads.  (Love the Walnuts).  I made a zucchini with walnuts, cranberry with orange, and carrot walnut, too.   They each had a slightly different consistency, and one of the types took about 10 minutes longer to bake.  I just had to share my newest discovery.  I love this Baker's Joy cooking spray with flour in it.  It enables you to have breads and cakes pop right out of the pan, and NEVER stick !!  That way always something I hated.  Just when you have messed up the entire kitchen, and have been waiting for an hour to bake something, I T   S T I C K S  to the bottom of the pan, and half of it rips off when you try to get it out !!!   NOT with this spray.... IT'S   FANTASTIC !  (I sound like a commercial)  If you like to bake, give it a try !!