Sunday, January 28, 2007

Baby shower for Grace

Sunday was a day for Grace.. Diane's friends had a lovely shower at Sappington Restaurant and Tearoom. It was fun to see all the "young mommies", and "mommies-to-be" ! Great to be young ! WELCOME TO GRACE in March ! Posted by Picasa


Most of these portraits are either my students, or teachers at my High School. Julie, however, fits into both catagories. Graduating in the 90's, Julie was in my class as a sophmore or junior, returning last year to teach math. Our district, especially our high school, hires LOTS of it's own graduates, which is actually quite Fun....... Julie becomes a mom for the first time in March, to a baby boy !!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Brittany is very sweet, and loves ART ! She was in my class last year, and took my
Applied Design class last semester. What a cutie !

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Finally back at home, on the computer, of course. I've been gone all week to my sis's house about 1/2 hour from here. I was able to complete 3 paintings while there. She has an incredible studio, where I could leave everything for my oil paintings set up. Now I just need to do a half dozen loads of wash, empty the refrigerators of spoiled food from the power outage, and we're back in business. My hubby is driving in with his buddies from his Florida golf trip tonight. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


This is Kayla. She is my Art Foundations student. Thankfully, I painted at my sister's house, waiting for my lights and heat to come back on ! ha !

No pictures today-

Boy, has this been a week !

Two ice storms, and lost power, and all the wires off my house, again !

Been staying with my sis, since my hubby is on a golf trip, (enjoying beautiful sunshine in FL.) while I have to go to work, and get this house up and running again. -finally got power yesterday.

I have been painting, but alas, can't post, cause my camera won't transfer the pics. Been cleaning out my art room at school, too..... 25 years accumulation of stuff !! Feels good to get rid of it !

Friday, January 12, 2007


Julie is an incredible art and painting teacher, as well as my co-worker, confidant, and good friend...... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My girl has made her way back to the US A, by way of Maui, Hawaii. What a way to finish her 4 month long voyage around to the other side of the globe... 5 Days there, and 2 weeks staying with friends in San Francisco, and then finally to St. Louis on the 27th of the month. It will be so fun listening to all of her many adventures, and seeing the wonderful images. We love you, Buff !

Monday, January 08, 2007

All I wanted for Christmas was my 3 front teeth !

Here's the last version of the smiling self-portrait. Thank goodness my face doesn't look so stern and serious most of the time. -scary-
I stayed home today, and went to the oral surgeon. I've been dreading this ever since I found out the dentist left a chunk of root behind when he pulled my front tooth in early Dec. Well, it's over!!, and I was knocked completely OUT !! Believe me, Thats the way to go !! My hubby has been babying me all day and taking great care of everything, Anyway, just put the finishing touches on this and wanted to get it up on the blog.... Have a great rest of the week, I'M SURE I WILL....

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Final version of Amber, changed a little in the eyes and mouth......

Friday, January 05, 2007

Just til Saturday, at noon.... This is for you, linnie

Last Semester beginning

Since I am retiring this year, I've cleaned out a lot of stuff that we have created through the years during my classes. Some ideas were worth passing along, so that teachers or you artists out there can have some Food for thought. I've taught basic Art Foundations, and Drawing for maybe 23 or 24 years, and Applied Design and Printmaking, as well. Most students want to take their work home, but others either forget, or it's simply not worth the effort carting it home, I guess. Many of the projects I run across, I've even forgot about. I'll post pictures and explanations as I find them in my Stash !!!

I'll post my self-portrait if I can improve the coloring and likeness........

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

collage ideas for altered books, etc.

It took 3 times, because I could only post a couple of book pages for each time. Hopefully the continuity isn't lost by the spacing, etc.

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altered book ideas

Back to School. I'm posting the pages of the books we made in class which give ideas and inspiration for the artist altered books we made last semester.
Sometimes it's good to be reminded of these formats, plus some helpful reminders of things and techniques we may have forgotten about when composing a piece of art.!!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


One more post before Christmas Break is over. Here's what I have on Amber, so far.

My easy share is cooperating, finally. Here's Terrence so far

altered book pages- Maybe-

Altered Book peeps !! Hopefully this works. I'm not having such good luck with my posting today !!!!

Terrence- stage 2

In order to take the portraits I've done downstairs and consider them, Finished, I worked a bit on 4 or 5 of them, just tweeking a bit here and there. All in all, I think I improved them just a bit, even ever so slightly.....
I started Terrence this morning, telling myself that I really can't afford to start him, when I have to still grade final exams, since tomorrow we go back to school, and the new semester starts. Grades are DUE into the office at 8:00am. Thursday !!!!!!!
Oh well.....My kodak "Easy-Share" camera docking station, is having trouble "sharing"
I'll try to get the picture of Terrence on here for you to see later..

Monday, January 01, 2007

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Chihuly day !

I've been wanting to get to the Chihuly Show at our Botanical Garden since it went up--WELL, today was the FINAL day, so I had to give it a look-see.
Gorgeous, crisp winter day, I loved it. Inside the large geodesic dome, the climatron, was most of the exhibit, but my camera lens fogged up, and all the photos came out really blurry. It never did clear up, so I settled for the rest. This guy, Chihuly, REALLY THINKS B I G !
We could all gain from that approach, I suppose.