Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quilt decisions !!!

HELP ! If someone out there has an opinion on this, please let me know !

Sometimes when I make a quilt the piece can be assembled in various ways, making COMPLETELY different "looks", because the pieces form secondary patterns, which, in themselves can be either what you like, or distracting, or just look "disorganized" in a way,,,

I remember the first quilt I ever made, which was a logcabin design, back in 1987, when our family lived in Monterey, California. I remember laying it out on the livingroom floor, rearranging the pieces like a huge puzzle, until finally deciding how I liked the pieces put together. (My daughter still has that quilt, and even with it's old dated colors of mauve and blue, she loves it and won't stop using it)

Anyway, this red and white are rather "involved", if you know what I mean. The pieces are very small and intricate, and involve corner stitching, rather than just parallel or perpendicular seams. They are also challenging because I need so many pieces. I started out with a baby quilt in mind, but reallty loved the way it looked so much that I decided to make a full comforter for Gracie, when she gets a big bed at my house.

Okay, so here's the gist... Do you like the pattern of the smaller pieces in picture 1, 2, or 3 ?

There are subtle differences, and the pattern will look different overall if they are moved around. I have 16 boxes for each square, and each box contains two sections of "flying geese", if you know that term.

Which do YOU like ? thanks for your opinions- just leave a comment and I will appreciate it !

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Two New Quilts--- 5--- NEW BABIES in 2010 !! Here are two quilts for two of them... (One is going to London with my daughter on Wednesday) So exciting for the brand new Grammies and PaPas, too !

One of these quilts is made from Mary Englebreit fabrics, and the other is a new pattern I've done only once before. Love trying something different for a change. --

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas outfits

Here are a couple of the outfits that I made for the baby girls for Christmas... I found some adorable selections of corduroys that I found irresistable, and made up four different ones.... I tried to complete the jumpers with matching tights and turtlenecks.... JoAnn's fabrics is a wonderful resource for patterns and fabric ! It's been so long since I've sewn little clothes, most of my recent projects have been quilts !! It was fun !