Friday, April 28, 2006

The work in my studio is for a surprise, so I can't reveal it just yet. I can show you some of my students work, however. They were to design 10 ATC cards with a theme to be swapped with 6 classes from our school. The themes were unique and gave me insight into some of my students. Well, here goes:

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sometimes the studio gets so messy I'm confined to about 6 square inches to create, and it's time to spend a few minutes straightening and organizing.
Well, it's not much fun, but, once finished, I feel as though I'm ready to go again.....

I have a place for everything in my studio, with labels, and all kinds of shelves, wow. not really like me at all, but, it makes creating a lot more fun when you can find what little something you are looking for. hooray, here is the clean table, but not for long!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fun weekend. What glorious weather we have enjoyed. I got lots of studio time and found some nice treasures for my creations as well.
Sister, Linda, and her husband, Roger spent a delightful dinner with us on Saturday, and we got into a fit of laughter that must have added YEARS to our lives. Somethiing that was silly, but just struck us all as hilarious!!
Sunday I got to spend some quality time with the new twins, Hunter and Chase Westmeyer, so precious....
Was working in the studio on ATC cards for a swap my students are just finishing up at school. Each one picked a theme, and created 10 cards to trade, they really got into it and didn't want to stop. My topic was Native Americans, so I'll trade the ones I made, too.
This large box is made up of pictures I aquired at the antique mall. I started really looking at the faces, and found myself totally fascinated with the ideas in my head about all these people I have never met. I wondered about them as I compared the different stages of their lives in photographs. Pictures really do sometimes say a thousand words, especially when we have no words or voices to accompany them. I somehow felt strange about including them in my artwork, and then I felt as if I was giving them a chance to be seen and heard. I hope they would approve.....

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Really felt as though this box needed a butterfly speciman, but alas, couldn't come up with one.
Woman at the turn of the century seemed to be mostly engaged in cooking or sewing pursuits.
So grateful that we have broken out of that mold, but it is because those who have come before us have paved the way. What freedom for ourselves, and our daughters! Halleluiah!

Monday, April 10, 2006

The weekend is over, back to school, but I've done nothing but art for two days, nothing that is except cook, shop, and do a little laundry. Not much to show for it, I guess. Saturday was the day to go out on the hunt to find "found objects" for collage. I was able to snag some great little treasures. Elephant Bar for dinner, yummy.
Sunday I painted, and painted, and brought out the colored inks for some fun effects. Nothing is finished, though, I just had fun painting backgrounds and having a good time with color. By the time I was forced to clean up, the entire space around me, floor, table, and any other horizontal space, was covered with blotches and dabs of colored paper. what fun.
Sunday afternoon, the boys came over, Ted, to do his taxes on the computer, and Jim after work, Di Di was doing her real estate thing. We had fun just like old times. MoJo, too, of course. When everything was cleaned up, and everyone left, and I got to talk to Judi about the crisis in Arkansas-Boyd's father was drowned on a missionary trip to Nicaragua. I headed back to the studio to paint boxes, and that took me way past my bedtime...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The pictures finally came, sorry, to be such a baby about it, but i was getting frustrated, and its already 11:30 at night, and i should be sleeping, so i can get up by 5:00.

The pics are some new studio creations, plus my latest baby quilt, which i took to the ladies at the local church to quilt for me last week. i skip around a bit with my interests, just to keep things exciting. i certainly do love art, in ALL its forms!

finally, pictures!!

Can anyone help?

i keep trying to publish the pics, but it gets half-way there and stops, but says its published...

i don't know what i'm doing wrong. it seems as though i'm finding the picture and doing it correctly, but they won't go through. any suggestions, anyone??
somethings amiss, couldn't seem to make this work, but now its working.. goodie

nope, still not happening

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

tried twice to publish pictures, no luck,.... i must be doing something wrong, i'll try later.
today was a whirl, both at school and home. i stayed longer than i usually do, working on creating some ATC backgrounds to show my students tomorrow.- although that was sort of an excuse to stay and work, uninterupted, for awhile and make some art. jim, ted and diane joined us, along with their wonderful pup, mojo, for a nice family dinner. the weather allowed us to sit outside a bit, and throw the ball about a hundred times for mojo to run after.
my darling nephew, chris, and his wife sheila had their twins yesterday, i can't wait to see them. what big boys, wow, weighing in at 6lb.7oz. and 7lb.6oz. those are huge for twins! you are awesome,sheila. we have such a darling family, each so unique and precious-wow

and as for the artwork, nothing is in the "finished" stage, but here are a few shots of the studio, and some of the works in progress.....