Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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Sorry, no pics allowed !! Georgia and I went to have a soothing "detox wrap" on Monday... My first, ha !! It was very relaxing and is meant to work with the lymphatic system to cleanse the body of toxic chemicals through the skin... How do you know if it works, though ?? It makes you feel, and perhaps look, like a baked potato, or a burrito (thus, the NO PIX rule, ha ) Anyhoo, we enjoyed ourselves immensely, and then went for lunch at the Macaroni Grill, and then dropped in to the nearest Goodwill store for a look around... I found a few treasures, and so did she, and then our Day was COMPLETE !! HA !
(thanks, Melissa, if you happen by to see this.... great job !)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

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gRaCIE LOveS ANImalS !

Gracie loves to see the animals at the zoo, and at Grant's Farm.... We have gone both places in the last few weeks. She gets so excited when we back, I show the pictures to her on the computer and SHE LOVES THEM.... She recognizes the rhino, the elephant and the monkeys... she loves birds, too, and is thrilled to see them all... It's so much fun to be part of it with her, and teach her stuff !!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Fun at Maggiano's

Seems all we do is go out to eat.. tee hee, but THAT's REALLY NOT THE CASE !

Even so, here are some pictures of our evening with some great old college friends. Robert just had heart surgery, so this was his first big outing.... And he even got to have ONE glass of red wine to boot ! (After all, his birthday is tomorrow)-MAGGIANO'S restaurant is fabulous, with great tasting food, and huge portions !! They even recommend that you split orders, or even half orders, which we did... Plenty, believe me... and the salad, "the Maggiano salad", that is, has huge golf ball size chunks of blue cheese all through it. (We LOVE blue cheese at our house)
I made his favorite chocolate cake, which we had when we got back to our house after dinner...
The recipe is from http://www.epicurious.com and is called Chocolate Whiskey Bundt Cake
It is made in a bundt pan, with no icing, and it has coffee and 1/2 cup of Jack Daniels in it !
Since there was no icing, I served it with a little scoop of white ice cream (vanilla) ha !

the epicurious website is GREAT, for those of you new to the joy of online recipes. It's free, and so quick! You can even keep your selected ones in a file to reuse (on the site)