Thursday, January 06, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Haven't posted a blog entry in quite awhile... not on THIS blog, anyway.   I've been preoccupied with my painting blog, and I have to paint everyday, in order to get a posting ready for that one.  I've neglected this blog, and for that I'm sorry if I've left some of you 'hanging'.       Now that the holidays are over- getting back to the routine of things around here.   Back to the exercise aerobic dance class, and the tap class that I love so much.   I've let the treats and snacking get out of hand, so I've got to get serious about thinking about watching the food intake a bit...  Parties, including the one for my BFF who just retired from 35 years of teaching, have relaxed my discipline when it comes to watching my diet.   Back to the routine, to eat better, and not so much.   
     Tracey left for graduate school in Arkansas, and is going to get a teaching degree for secondary English.  Hope she enjoys teaching as much as her mother !  Hope she can find a job, too !  Jim and Ted are still as active and involved as ever.  Jim has his business running, where he does marketing and internet services for his clients.  He really loves what he does, and works hard at getting new clients, too.  He and his cousin, Christopher work together with businesses, supplying their computer needs.    Ted is working hard at Heritage, along with the Yemm clan !  He travels some, and when he's at home he's such a fantastic dad !  He takes over when Di needs a break, and is so great doing things with the girls...   He's a 'natural' !!  Bus has been so great helping out with all the Christmas decorating, while I've been hiding away down in the studio, painting.   He not only puts everything UP- both inside and out, but he also does the dreaded, "Take Down" of all the decorations, too.  He truly is the 'Christmas Boy' at our house.   He's been off from golf for a couple of weeks, due to the cold and snowy weather.   He did plan on going on the golf trip with his buddies again this Feb.  They always have a fun week of golf, and eating, and just basic fun ~  I've decided to take on the job at supervisor to 2 student teachers this semester from UMSL.  I've not done that before, so I hope it's fun- visiting the classrooms and helping to advise the new teachers on some of the finer points and pitfalls of running an art classroom...   I'm going to take part in Visitations 'fine arts day' also, with my firned, Sue Lorenz.  She has several of us teach classes on that day, one is my sis, so that's always a fun time for all of us, getting together.  Well, I'll post some artwork here, too, maybe not the same paintings that are on the other blog, but I'll try to write a bit of art philosophy, and maybe about other stuff on this blog, too.    Stay tuned,  I'll try to be more proactive from now on !!

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